Antonio Sáez-Benito Yváñez
Having been born in Spain and experiencing a cross-cultural upbringing between France and Spain during my formative years, I cultivated a keen understanding of diverse cultures, interpersonal dynamics, and effective approaches to accomplishing objectives.
Successfully graduating from the IGCSE and IB programs, I fostered a lifelong passion for the realm of design. From my early endeavors building LEGO structures to designing soccer jerseys and stadiums, my unwavering enthusiasm for design was formed by two intensive Product Design courses at IED Barcelona, and NABA Milano, which propelled me to pursue a degree in Product Design at Otis College of Art & Design.
At Otis, I relished the opportunity to delve into a comprehensive range of skill sets, equipping me with the tools necessary to evolve into the adept and experimental designer that I am today. Moreover, the challenging circumstances presented by the CoVid lockdown pandemic served as a catalyst for exploring my deepest design interests and cultivating creative resilience. During this period, I acquired proficiencies in sewing, screen printing, and fabric dyeing, expanding my repertoire of capabilities.
Since then, I have been fortunate to avail myself of abundant resources, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and experimentation across a wide array of product categories and creative pursuits. My work revolves around the harmonious juxtaposition of materials, consistently pushing the boundaries of conventional approaches. Each project I undertake is approached with a mindset that transcends traditional norms, seeking unconventional applications for materials, harnessing their untapped potential beyond their established functions or recognized characteristics.
This multifaceted journey has shaped me into a versatile and boundary-pushing designer, adept at navigating uncharted territories while seamlessly merging experimentation with functionality.

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