There is nothing more frustrating, defeating, and destructive than waking up to the buzzing sound of a standard alarm clock. 

MultiBold is designed to improve the user's morning wake-up routine through music, puzzles, and aromatherapy. Its future-forward tech allows these functions to operate inside its advanced ergonomic design. 
Battery powered, with its 360° speaker volume reach, and its absence of a snoozer button, Its compact size of (_), it enables MultiBold to be placed across the smallest surfaces, bed-side tables, desks, window frames...
MultiBold doe not feature a snooze button. Instead, the alarm deactivates when the user engages with the crossword puzzle, or when the played song ends.

Materials: Plastic, LED screens, Carbon mesh
Design Software: SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator, KeyShot
The oval-cubed shape of MultiBold allows the following functions to operate within its advanced compact structure size:
    - Time Screen: Displays the current time & weather forecast
    - Music Screen: Creates energizing effects through the melodies                                 in the music 
    - Game Screen: Brain-engaging crossword puzzle
    - Scent Dispenser: Dispensed peppermint scent contains                                                  energizing properties

Features a static black and neon cyberpunk concept style, which integrates with the use of all LED screens and speaker functions, making sure 100% of the surface area is used to help the user wake up more effectively and relaxed.

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