Work In Progress - Project Coming Out Soon
Chefchaouen, the North-African city renowned for its enchanting ambiance, harbors a captivating tale that forged a historical bond between Spain and Morocco—an ill-fated love between Prince Rachid and Princess Zhora. This enduring connection serves as the wellspring of inspiration for the creation of the Chaouen table.
The Chaouen table features a meticulously crafted design, showcasing a printed representation of the love story on a transparency paper and overlaid on muslin fabric. In the center, where the two materials converge, a deliberate rip is artistically incorporated.
4 Walnut wood pieces corner the edges, ingeniously serving as enclosures for the meticulously poured resin. This complex craftsmanship amplifies the intricate graphics, allowing the resin's clarity to enhance the visual narrative embedded within the Chaouen table.

Resin, Walnut, Acetone, & Muslin juxtaposes collectively to project a memory of the Moorish past of Spain

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